Xemira is similar to Psomira. However, with eczema we have no need for the lactic acid component. The lotion base carries Vireasa to the affected areas where the body's natural desire to heal takes over. 


  • Xemira™ is a deep penetrating moisturizer  
  • Stops the itch
  • Soothes the irritated skin
  • Normalizes the skin replication
  • Moisturizes the skin deeply to stave off skin peeling
  • Stimulates the shedding of dead skin
  • Promotes healthy and smooth skin
  • Natural botanical ingredients
  • Steroid Free
  • Safe for children
  • Safe for the face

Should be applied 2 x daily to affected areas.

Xemira Eczema/ Skin Rash Relief 16oz

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